I return to my daily routine…

I return to my daily routine,
certain that I am better off
without you.
Solitude is healing.
Scars reminding.
Memory forbidding.
And it all works for me,
impels me forward,
The childish me,
your least favorite side of me,
is happy now
and doesn't miss you at all.

by Thomas Wigington

Life is full of twists …

Life is full of twists and
The unexpected is the
You looked for
roses and pretty cards,
'I love you' whispered in your ear,
and reassuring your fragile
Dogged determination stands where you
had hoped romance would be.
You were disappointed to learn that I prefer
uncomplicated sex to
I never have liked those
Still, you are
and I am
and you continue to
nourish our (not so perfect)

by Thomas Wigington

Late November…

Late November
brought us the first real
winter weather of the year, and
my bones are not

As a child, I played
on winter days as much as my
dad would permit.
As a young man, I
enjoyed winter quite well.

My tolerance has
receded. I
endure the cold days now, the
winter wind
piercing me like a pointed stick pierces a

by Thomas Wigington

She lies down in sunlight…

She lies down in sunlight, singing
Not caring who is in earshot
Her heart aching for her darling

He had tight hold of her heartstring
Having tied it all in a knot
She lies down in sunlight, singing

She became his little plaything
Her tender feelings he forgot
Her heart aching for her darling

He was her friend, her everything
She thought their new love was white-hot
She lies down in sunlight, singing

Never suspecting anything
She often dreamed of Camelot
Her heart aching for her darling

The pain throbbing with a dull sting
He would not be her Lancelot
She lies down in sunlight, singing
Her heart aching for her darling

by Thomas Wigington


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