Word follows word…

Word follows word. Line spills into
Line. What a poem will say
Is unknown until my pen stops.
I hope my words never form
Some silly little love poem, one
So sappy it leaves a bad
Taste on the tongue. A poem
In which your cruelty is exposed	 	 
Would be far more satisfying, considering	 	 
You despise everything my pen writes.

by Thomas Wigington

4 responses

  1. Thomas,

    Once I got to ‘tongue’ I was content to leave at that.
    I can understand why you didn’t want to go further, but with the caustic ‘you’ there is suddenly a raw tension.

    A compelling piece.

    • Thank you, Ma-Li. I didn’t plan those last lines, wasn’t comfortable with them once I saw them on the blog, but I am happy you appreciated them.

    • Thank you, Michele. Yes, I cut those lines because I wasn’t sure I wanted the poem to go there, but I just restored them. Thanks for letting me know they were okay.

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