This ringing in my ears…

This ringing in my ears used
To irritate me. I worried that
Excessive caffeine intake was to blame.
No! My ears ring because I’m
Getting old. I don’t feel old.
I have come to terms with
This chorus of cicadas. At night
In the Summer a breeze refreshes
Me after a hot day. I
Sit on the porch in a
Rocking chair bought to commemorate getting
Old. I don’t feel old. But
The doctor has written it in
My thick file folder. “Thomas is
old.” The cicadas second his diagnosis.

by Thomas Wigington

6 responses

  1. Love the sweet irony of that rocking chair “memory-moment” –

    Simple and swift.
    A poem capturing much feeling….. lovely.

  2. I love this poem Thomas, it has a lovely touch of dark humour. What a shock it is to find ourselves getting old – we know it’s coming, but as you say, while the body ages, the mind keeps think ‘I don’t feel old.’ . Perfectly expressed.

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