Tiny Snowflakes

Tiny snowflakes fall,
covering the ground like
laundry detergent.
Tiny snowflakes are not as
lovely as their
large fluffy cousins,
which cover the landscape like
sheep's wool,
inviting frolicking children to
Tiny snowflakes remind us that it is
cold and miserable,
causing us to regret
having to drive to work.

by Thomas Wigington

5 responses

  1. Loved this Thomas.

    It is nice, through my interpretive vision at least, to feel the ambivalence between flakes which are ‘big’ and the ‘fluffy’ and the ones which are ‘small’ and ‘biting’…..

    ….much, to be honest, as a look upon small dogs who bark just wears on the nerves

  2. Thomas,

    You are bringing back memories of growing up during the 40s and 50s in Minnesota. I remember describing the fallen snow as being like either “Ivory Snow” or “Ivory Flakes.” The distinction was readily apparent and the resemblance uncanny.

    I always loved – and still do – the squeak and crunch of dry snow on really cold mornings. What I don’t miss is bringing the car battery into the house each night when the lows were in the minus 20s, or putting chains on the tires at 5 a.m. after a heavy snowfall. But, then again, that was all before front-wheel drive, fuel injection, radial tires. Getting the car started was only the beginning of the day’s driving adventure as I headed of to the university.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Tom. Recalling pleasant old memories can set me to daydreaming. BTW, you deserve a medal for being able to function under those conditions in Minnesota. It was in the 30s-40s here and I had the heat blowing all day.

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