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  1. How are you Thomas?
    It’s been a long winter with no one to point the finger at for all the days of clinging cold.
    A weather memo the sun clearly never received, at least not until today 🙂
    Looking forward to you taking up residence at your blog again. Perhaps, like you, mine tends to do better as a spring-summer home. Missing your thoughtful posts.

    • Thank you, Ma-Li.
      I’m fine. It is good to hear from you. I am working on my writing and it is taking time I used to use for my blog. I am working on pieces that I hope to submit soon.
      I’ll be back here to resume regular posting of poems before long. In the mean time, I’ll be thinking of you and all my other friends out here on WordPress.

  2. Had to tweet this!
    It’s the feeling… : (
    Tweeted twice to make sure it was seen not passed.
    Re-did it so the poem is actually on twitter, without being clicked.
    Couldn’t find the shortlink straight here. So just pasted what would fit. Your cite.
    I’ll try to do better when I learn the mechanics or figure out Bitly.
    Miss you around.
    Like on my reader and stuff.
    : (

    • Thank you Jessica,
      I’ve been working on my writing. I was probably opting out of seriously improving by spending more time blogging. I’ll get back to it though, soon.

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