There was a place where a little boy dreamed…

There was a place where a little boy
dreamed and played and bossed his
sister around. It was a pink stucco
house on a deadend lane (Birtha Lane).

There were "Noble" neighbors
across the street who were
deeply involved with The Boy
Scouts and who erected a small

swimming pool in their back yard
every summer. Kathy was his favorite
Noble. There was also a next-door
neighbor who had flowers planted

around her yard. To the little boy
those flowering plants looked like
dragons that needed slaying. The
neighbor, an old woman, cried when

she saw the slain dragons. She cried
and told the little boy's mother, who
was quite old fashioned and believed
that dragon slayers sometimes need

spankings...stinging spankings. The
little boy didn't think that dragon
slayers need to be spanked for doing
what dragon slayers the world over do.

Further, the little boy was confined
to the back yard 'until such time as
he could distinguish the difference
between a dragon and a hydrangea.'

Well, Kathy, his favorite Noble, wanted
to make the little boy feel better.
So, she pressed her lips against
his (his first kiss). The little boy

would fondly remember that kiss for
the rest of his life. He learned that
he really liked girls, though he wasn't
quite sure why. It was a mystery.

Thus began a new quest in that little boys life.

by Thomas Wigington

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