I turned off the news…

I turned off the news
and went for a
Stepping out onto the
I heard the sounds of
of others who were walking,
leaves rustling,
some chattering birds
and some birds singing.
I saw a young couple
holding hands,
her belly heavy
with child,
a road repair crew
enjoying a coffee break,
my neighbor's cat sitting
on her porch taking in
the neighborhood activity,
children playing kickball
in the street.
I smelled the chicken that
Mr. Hernandez was cooking
on the smoker.
My mind was refreshed and I
remembered what normal life
feels like.
I went home and made
a cup of coffee.

by Thomas Wigington

6 responses

  1. This is you allowing mere ordinariness to evoke beauty through poetic-narrative, and how effective that is!

    Thank you.

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