All are angry on earth…

All are angry on earth.
We stand teary-eyed before our tomb.
We smell death issuing from the fog.
Awaken! It is time for action.
We are strangely mournful before the contest.
We speak to mammoth vultures circling in the sky.

Your fair-weather friend has gone.
You witness dangerous, dazzling impressions from the mist.
Dig it! Evil will vanish after you stand up to it.
The other, open-eyed unseeing, deserted you.
You flail out of control.
You are felled by a broken promise.
You seek the road back...but it never existed.
In the end, you witness the inability of those you counted on
      to be half of what they professed to be.

by Thomas Wigington

7 responses

    • Thank you, Jena. I’ve been wanting to add some variety to my writing. It has taken a while to get to where I am comfortable posting something like this. More is on the way.

    • Thank you, Michele. I appreciate your encouragement. I am trying to add some variety to my poetry. I’m even considering posting some flash fiction soon.

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