Ron Dultz Has Died

I received the sad news today that poet, Ron Dultz, has died. I really liked Ron’s story of how he sold his poetry on the street and from house to house. I posted a link to the original article in this post: Street Corner Poet. Ron’s friend, Rain, informed me that Ron died on November 10th. You can see two lengthy comments by Ron on my About page, as well as, links to more of Ron’s writings and his YouTube channel. You’ll also see Rain’s announcement and a loving tribute to his friend.

(If you read the brief article on Ron’s street corner days and check out a couple of his poems on YouTube, I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts with us. Thank you.)

11 responses

  1. I met Ron in the 1980s in California. He gave me his book, “The Collected Poetry of Ron Dultz.” I found it on my bookshelf today and wondered what became of him. He also gave me some greeting cards with his poetry in them. I used to see him at local dances. Sorry to hear that he is gone.

  2. Judi, I was lucky enough to be in New York City the summer of 1969. I was there working with a program for kids a risk called Camp Shiloh. The work was so rewarding, but as soon as we had a break, my roommate and I went to explore the city. We were both from small towns in Texas and it was our first time in NYC. We happened to see Ron selling his poetry and I was so excited to see someone doing that. I asked him a lot of questions and found that he wanted to produce a play that could only be cast with three men. If there were any alterations, the theme would be lost. I asked him if he was going to school and remember that he explained that at that time he was too busy promoting his world fame. I took one of the books he was selling, Hello World. I was so impressed, I read it to my friend all day. I just loved the way it sounded. The little book has been sadly lost over the years, but I have read some of his beautiful poetry on Youtube. The one inspired by you is a glowing tribute.
    I want you to know how much I enjoyed meeting Ron that day, and reading his poetry, I wish you peace and everything good in the coming year.

  3. Hi Judi, My husband, and I met Ron at a Green Party meeting back in early 2002. I’m so sorry for your loss. If you don’t mind me asking. What happened to Ron? We really enjoyed reading his books, and seeing his poetry on youtube. He has a very special gift.

  4. I am Ron’s wife, Judi. Yes, Ron lived and died on his own terms. He was an absolutely remarkable, loving, intelligent and wonderful man and words cannot express how much I will miss him.
    I still can’t believe he is gone.

    • I am so sorry for your loss, Judi. I am thankful that Ron shared his poetry and thoughts with us. It is comforting to me to still be able to read them.

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