I Treated Grasshoppers Cruelly

Surveying the field
The tall grass swaying like ocean waves
Millions of grasshoppers milling about, hopping, flying, slobbering ‘tobacco,’ clinging to the tops of tall grass (Johnson grass?)
Some sitting on rocks or clods of dark brown dirt
Positioning themselves for flight as I approach
Taking to flight when I get close
The heat didn’t slow them down
The heat didn’t slow me down, when I was a kid
Grasshoppers are cheap fish bait
Catch one and run back to the river bank
Hook it laterally through the body just below where the wings attach
Drop it in the water alive
Maybe it will see the fish before drowning
I treated grasshoppers cruelly without remorse
Today, I chase words and often treat them with utmost cruelty
I drop them on the page hoping that hungry eyes will swallow them
Before they drown

by Thomas Wigington

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