Things I Was Thinking as I Swept the Parking Lot

I paid this month’s bills and couldn’t stop thinking about the nation’s debt. 16 trillion dollars is almost incomprehensible. Already Republicans are demanding that spending cuts equal to the amount the debt ceiling is raised must be implemented as part of any budget deal. I cut my spending four years ago when we first experienced a slowdown at my day job. I cut my spending again when news of  Europe’s debt crisis began to air daily. It seems like Congress would balance the budget, if they believed that good governance was the best politic.

Speaking of Europe’s debt crisis, I think it’s possible that Greece could be better off defaulting on their debt, quitting the Euro and reinstating their own currency. After two or three years of pain they might recover and be out from under their massive financial obligations. That would be an even bigger problem for the Euro Zone. Spain, Portugal, Ireland and even Italy might decide that the pain is bearable if they are relieved of their debts. They could  just reset their economies and move forward.

I was also thinking about the organized efforts to blunt U.S. power and influence. Russia, India and other countries want the United Nations to control the internet. There is also pressure for the U.S. to ratify the high seas treaty (U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea) concerning new international law governing traffic on the high seas. Even America’s military leaders would like to see this treaty or some version of it implemented to avoid continued use of gunboat diplomacy. However, those in Congress who are opposed to the treaty say that it would require the U.S. to pay taxes to the United Nations and royalties to other countries.

I am experiencing no similar push against my power and influence. The only resistance I meet is from this broom.

I was thinking about the political factions in this country; about how similar they are, one side fighting against big business while the other side condemns big government. Me? I’m against big draft beers, the ones so big you can’t drink the whole thing before the last third gets warm. Moderate sized draft beers are best.

Finally, I was thinking about Simon Cowell replacing Paula Abdul with Britney Spears. He must have a penchant for unbalanced women. Reports have surfaced that Brit Brit stormed out of an audition when a contestant butchered one of her songs. That report has been denied. I think anyone who chooses to sing one of Britney’s songs should be allowed to lip sync.

Well, here we are again, time to turn out the lights and go home.

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