Happiness Is…

Why is everybody so intent
on being happy?
They can’t even tell you
what happiness is.
Oh they can achieve temporary
shallow as it may be.
But lasting happiness
is alien to them,
to us all.
The Poet, Taha Muhammad Ali,
says his happiness
doesn’t resemble happiness.
I think he knows something
about what is not
To my neighbor
happiness is
inviting at least a dozen friends over
to get drunk
and sing classic rock
songs…loudly…till late at night
(my neighbor
is not acquainted
with any
talented singers).
On that night,
my happiness was
hearing some of them stumble
and fall
down the stairs.
What a lovely night
it turned out to be.

by Thomas Wigington

2 responses

  1. lol Love this one!

    Off subject, I do think happiness is an in the moment sort of thing. While we all aspire to some greater happiness, we can never under-appreciate the little joys in life we have now. A lifetime, or a forever of happiness…it will be a compilation of many little joys.


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