Congressional Privilege Gone Wild

Having learned
of yet another privilege
Congress has granted itself,
the privilege of trading stocks
based on information
only they know,
I must simply mix another martini
and while away the evening
not caring
that Congress is full of crooks.
Of course, I must reverse myself –
not regarding gin and not caring –
but with regard to members of Congress,
who trade on nonpublic information,
being crooks.
After all, they passed the law
permitting themselves
to commit felonies
with impunity.
There is even word
that some Senators were briefed
by the Treasury Secretary
and the Fed Chairman
of the impending financial
and at least one of these Senators
made investments
that would profit
as the economy sank,
as workers sank,
as Main Street sank,
as you and I sank.
Betting against America,
it seems, is profitable
if you are a member of Congress.
So, I sit here with my cold,
velvety smooth
well aware that Congress
is not going to rein in Wall Street.
In fact, they are making
the bed springs squeak.
Yes, that is the sound
you hear.
What did you think?
That some young newlyweds
had moved in upstairs.
Not a chance.
That is the sound
of Congress and Wall Street
enjoying intercourse,
the sound of the cementing
of the status quo,
the sound of the economy
continuing to spiral
the sound of gin and vermouth
and ice in the shaker,
the sound of me slipping back
into my overstuffed chair,
the sound of me no longer
how corrupt any person
or institution is.

by Thomas Wigington

3 responses

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  2. Nice free prose style.

    Absolutely agree. The corporations own America and Congress and the President do their bidding. Capitalism was a natural consequence of so called “freedom.” When you allow freedom of enterprise you bring on consequences of ruthless capitalism. The entity will protect itself, its money, at any cost. Hence you have corruption.

    As you said though, Congress is an evil entity in its own right, perhaps even more disgusting than the greedy people who own America.

    Some of the laws these so called Christian senators want to put into effect are insane.

    And yes, agree with your final statement “the sound of me no longer
    caring how corrupt any person or institution is.”


    • What we are seeing is the dark side of capitalism. I think free markets are natural and happen spontaneously at times. For example, in the Soviet Union bureaucrats developed a black market. The best merchandise and produce was supposed to go to the elite, but the bean counters who handled all that stuff skimmed off the top and made a lot of money. A large unregulated market in the heart of the USSR. So, what has happened here is those with their hands on the levers of power have perverted and manipulated the markets. They are parasites and they have caused most of the economic melt down.

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