Unhappy Tornadoes

What is it with some people
that they must make other people
miserable? Are you happy? Then you
will want to hide from these
wretched underachievers. Perhaps they made many
wrong decisions in life and run
into a dead end with no
way out. They are shipwrecked on
a rock in the ocean. They
are hermits in a cold damp
cave. No light, no plumbing, no
hope of digging out of the
hole which they have spent years
excavating for themselves. No one to
blame but themselves. No one to
talk to but themselves. They love
no one but themselves. Steer clear
of these self-medicating human (barely
human) tornadoes who leave a path
of destruction wherever they unhappily wander.

by Thomas Wigington

2 responses

  1. Interesting perspective Tom and a creative analogy. The emotional side of my personality certainly agrees with you, and there are plenty of people I see as, well, maybe not a tornado, but at least a toilet flood. Problematic people that I simply don’t have time for.

    Of course, the socialistic and humanistic principle suggests that we owe it to these people to “fix” them, help them and inspire them. That’s a tough one, because some miserable company just doesn’t want to be helped. And it’s a cycle of drama that we rationals don’t need.

    However, do you draw the line at pessimistic drama queens? What about happy people that are still time burglars? What about friends that are generally happy in life but who insist that you always entertain them? Sometimes these people can be just as annoying.

    In general, people tend to befriend others who are convenient to their lifestyle. Miserable company is surely not convenient for we, the living, who have a life and who value our free time.

    So my perspective is that I certainly can’t judge other people, but I can pick and choose who I make time for.

    Don’t mind my Socratic approach to your blog. Cryptic short paragraphs do tend to provoke a longer response from me. 😀


    • I like your responses, longer or otherwise. Thanks for sharing. I almost didn’t post this one for fear I might be seen as a misanthrope, which is certainly not the case. However, there are those selfish souls out there who do consume more than their fare share of one’s energy and time. So, I judge them…as pains in the butt.

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