Unshaven and Proud

Too many men walk around
unshaven today. Or more precisely,
walk around unshaven thinking they
look like movie stars. 
hollywood hunks are genetic anomalies,
the rest of us are
not. When we go in
public unshaven we look like
bums, and that’s okay, provided
we walk around with a
bum’s demeanor and not like
we are rugged and handsome,
I-mean-business types who
haven’t got time to groom.
Hey, don’t get me started
on the bed-head style(?).

by Thomas Wigington

4 responses

  1. Hollywood hunks are visual effects, Tom. If some of you knew what Brad Pitt really looked like without makeup and special cameras, you’d shudder.

    The movies have taught us that you can’t trust guys with mustaches.

    You may say that Tom Selleck is an exception…but speak for yourself.


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