The Time Change and Why I Hate the F-bomb


I understand why many people hate the time change. It is a government dictated adjustment we have to make…unless you live in Arizona. I have heard the arguments for the semiannual reordering of our lives; it saves energy, saves light bulbs…Saves light bulbs?! Shouldn’t we be focused on saving the whale. I hate it when we lose focus before a fight is won. Forget light bulbs, let’s get back to saving whales.

Other things I hate: Thin apartment walls, loud neighbors who hate the time change, the f-bomb. The f-bomb is intended to offend. Very well, consider me offended. What is not usually understood is that intentionally offending shows a lack of character and civility. Learning the language would better serve you when you are expressing your disdain for the forced government takeover of our clocks.

So, I have adjusted my clocks and I am getting over my contempt for my boorish neighbors. In a week I’ll be accustomed to the altered time and then I can get back to thinking about more important things.

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