Make the Page Less White

I was sitting around, enjoying my idle time, reading poetry, essays, and a short work of fiction, contemplating what I should blog about, when a phrase from a Nate Pritts poem caught my attention and insisted on becoming the title of this post. A blank page is a scary beast and fights being tamed. But one must persist until that brute is purring like a kitten. Add to this the fact that I had missed the opportunity to write a timely post about Rupert Murdoch’s wife, Wendi, who has made international news by swatting away an attacker who would dare pie her husband. I can’t get enough of that video. It’s a shame there were only stationary cameras in the room at the time, because we get a very poor view of the Wendi counter attack. I hope the next time Mr. Murdoch is questioned by Parliament the media are allowed to have a Wendi cam mounted on the shoulder of a quick and agile cameraperson.

Then there was the terrible bombing and shooting in Norway this week. I am glad law enforcement has moved quickly in arresting the person allegedly responsible for these terrible crimes. When I think of mass murder, Norway does not come to mind, or at least it didn’t until this week. It’s hard to imagine that a person could turn to such cruel violence because he was a different political persuasion than the duly elected government of a free society. To my knowledge the government of Norway held no political prisoners, nor suppressed the human or civil rights of its citizens. How could someone in such a free and hopeful society turn to terrorism? I don’t know. Also, I have seen reports purporting to reveal what the alleged terrorist’s viewing and gaming habits included. I’m not sure if this was an examination of his personality or a search for influences to blame for his behavior, but I generally don’t care much for such reports because of the tendency of some to explain what is going on in the mind of a mass murderer, something that is probably unknowable.

Now, today, just a few hours ago, the death of Amy Winehouse was reported. How sad! She was such a talented singer and song writer. Her Back in Black album was brilliant. She was such a troubled young woman, just 27 years old. I read some time back that she started life as a happy little girl. Happy, that is, until her parents divorced. ‘She changed at that time,’ her parents said, ‘and never recovered.’ The world could have lived without her hit song Rehab if the trade-off was that Ms. Winehouse could have coped with the divorce of her parents without abusing drugs and alcohol. Of course, the rest of her life was full of loss and trouble, which gave rise to other amazing songs like Love is a Losing Game and Tears Dry on Their Own and You Know I’m No Good. Amy will be missed.

All of this news made me forget about the sexual assault charges against the very rich and powerful former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK). He resigned his position after being charged and held over for trial. DSK has become the symbol of sexual abuse of women. I’m sure his mother would be proud. The Prosecutor in the case that was actually filed against DSK has backed off due to credibility issues with the accuser, but it turns out there are more victims, credible women, who say he assaulted them. One such victim is a French writer. She says Strauss-Kahn lured her to a barely furnished apartment to grant her an interview—he held an important government position and she is also a journalist—and once she was securely locked in the apartment he attacked her. She fought him on the floor as he pulled at her clothes. She has called him a “rutting chimpanzee.” If this charge and the other accusations against him prove true, he is a serial rapist. Former head of the IMF, possibly the next president of France and a serial rapist. Judging from reports and past history, the French hierarchy don’t seem to think much of rape. They allowed confessed rapist, Roman Polanski, to run around for decades, shielding him from justice here in the U.S. And now some would overlook the accusations of serial rape against Strauss-Kahn to elect him president. It makes no sense.

That brings to mind one more story that faded in the news some time back. The phone hacking and theft of personal photos of the young actress and singer, Vanessa Hudgens. Somebody really hates her. This is not the first time that embarrassing photos of her have been released just as she is set to open a new movie. Whoever hacked her phone and released her personal photos committed a crime and should be punished. That having been said, why do people these days take nude pictures of themselves? I have a camera and I have genitals, but I have never considered photographing them. We used to call genitals “privates” because you were to be very private about them. So, I wondered…if Vanessa Hudgens vagina opened a Twitter account, what would be her first tweet? hmmm…”Dear Vanessa, STOP PHOTOGRAPHING ME!!!” That goes for the rest of us too. We don’t need photographic records of our privates.

Well, look here, my page is less white now. If you read to the end, thank you.

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    • That is true. We are bombarded with torrents of news and gossip. Thank you for reading. BTW I was going to nominate you for the “One Lovely Blog Award,” but WaywardSpirit beat me to the honor. Congratulations.

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